All those Pace Picante commercials had me thinking there would be way more bad salsa factories in New York City.
Jarret Berenstein
Jarret Berenstein
Jarret Berenstein
Jarret Berenstein
Jarret Berenstein
Jarret Berenstein
It's insane that people protest to carry giant guns in public. I get annoyed when I need to leave the house with a bag.


JARRET BERENSTEIN is a writer, comedian, and producer based in NYC.

He created the voting rights charity show Standup2020.

He was a featured performer on Fox television's standup show Laughs.

He hosted the radio show Famous Dead People on Radio Free Brooklyn.

He performed improv with the legendary Magnet Theater house team Junior Varsity for twelve years.

He was a featured performer at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, and the Young Guns of Comedy Competition.

He wrote the political satire The Kellyanne Conway Technique.

He was a frequent performer at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, The Magnet Theater, The PIT Theater, and The Creek & The Cave.

He wrote and produced the digital sketches Sex and the City for Dudes, WhiteFriend, and Norn.


TimeOut NY Critics' Pick

CBS Local News Best of New York

LA Comedy Festival Best Solo Show

United Solo Theater Festival Best Storytelling Show

"Improviser and comic Jarret Berenstein shows us what kind of sharp, observant joke writer he is..."
"His solo show - mix of goofy sketches, standup, and storytelling - reveals a great writer..."

Matthew Love, TimeOut NY



Would I say that eating bok choy is a bok joy? Excellent question...


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