Holy fuck I'm a published author

Back in April I was given an incredible opportunity: to write a book making fun of one of my least favorite people in the whole world, Kellyanne Conway. I'd seen Kellyanne in a number of interviews and I was always infuriated by the mountain of bullshit that flew out of her mouth, so obviously I accepted immediately. Of course, this was a book deal, which is something I'd sought in the past but was never able to attain. When you work in entertainment you get used to projects going nowhere, promises being dropped, expectations being dashed, etc, so even though I had a signed contract in my hand, I was constantly skeptical that this book would ever see the light of day. I chained myself to my

another fun podcast...

When I started producing the Famous Dead People podcast at Radio Free Brooklyn, I was given the option to take an occasional live slot to do "whatever." I'm a huge fan of comedy podcasts (and hanging out with comedians), so I decided to experiment with having a show that was just me hanging out with comedians. It's not the most original idea in the world. In fact, it's kinda lazy. But that's the point. I wanted something that was just fun for me and my standup friends. No stories to prepare, no hook or format to adhere to, just comics hanging out with comics talking about whatever and maybe having a beer or two. I recorded about a dozen eps before I started looking into releasing them, and w

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