How to read Enders game in NYC

If you're readying my blog, then you're clearly a fan of good writing. That's why we both like the book Enders Game, which was recently made into a HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER!

The bad news is that Mr Orson Scott Card is a huge homophobe, aka a full on Chick-Fil-A-er. The dude gives money to anti-gay organizations and is an outspoken critic of marriage equality.

(btw ironic cuz there's some real gay shit in that book)

So how can you and I read Enders Game in the gay mecca that is NYC without giving people the impression that we support Orson Scott card and his awful agenda?


Just slip one of these bad boys over your copy of Enders Game, and nobody will think you’re one of those weirdos who think gays shouldn’t be able to get married.


Just slip this bad boy over your copy of Enders Game and no one will be the wiser!

Still, maybe “Totally Fine with Gay People” is a little too On-The-Nose for your taste. Never fear, a more subtle approach is on the way!


Subtlety party 4? Your table is ready. Nobody reading “The Secret Language of Brunch” can be thought of as anything but LGBT friendly.

I know what you’re thinking: “Jarret, I like going under the radar as much as the next guy, but I REALLY need people around me to know I’m not a gay-hater.” Well fear not, because this next one is the perfect balance of subtle and obvious. BEHOLD!


Your wish is my goddamned command!

Still, as amazing as all these book covers are, there’s one problem with them: None of them are sci-fi. What is one to do when they are proud of both their love of sci-fi and also their acceptance of anyone’s definition of love?!

Here’s what you fucking do:


BOOM! Welcome to the world’s most perfect LGBT friendly sci-fi book cover. You’re welcome, America.

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