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When I started producing the Famous Dead People podcast at Radio Free Brooklyn, I was given the option to take an occasional live slot to do "whatever." I'm a huge fan of comedy podcasts (and hanging out with comedians), so I decided to experiment with having a show that was just me hanging out with comedians.

It's not the most original idea in the world. In fact, it's kinda lazy. But that's the point. I wanted something that was just fun for me and my standup friends. No stories to prepare, no hook or format to adhere to, just comics hanging out with comics talking about whatever and maybe having a beer or two.

I recorded about a dozen eps before I started looking into releasing them, and while I wish I had the time and energy to give it the mega-release that I gave to Famous Dead People, the reality is that I had a lot of other projects to work on and promote, so this show got the kind of soft release that happens sometimes in the biz.

But I do think it's a really fun show (and my girlfriend says it's her favorite podcast, so there's that) so I'd be remiss if I didn't give it some sort of announcement (months after it's official release).

So with that in mind, I give you Hangout Party Fun Time! A giggle fest of the highest order. Comics hanging out and talking about whatever. It's funny. Check it out if you want to add some more content to your already loaded comedy schedule.

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