Holy fuck I'm a published author

Back in April I was given an incredible opportunity: to write a book making fun of one of my least favorite people in the whole world, Kellyanne Conway. I'd seen Kellyanne in a number of interviews and I was always infuriated by the mountain of bullshit that flew out of her mouth, so obviously I accepted immediately.

Of course, this was a book deal, which is something I'd sought in the past but was never able to attain. When you work in entertainment you get used to projects going nowhere, promises being dropped, expectations being dashed, etc, so even though I had a signed contract in my hand, I was constantly skeptical that this book would ever see the light of day.

I chained myself to my desk for a full six weeks and did nothing but research and write about Kellyanne. It was torture (because I had to watch and transcribe Kellanne Conway interviews for hours on end) but it was also really fun. There is nothing worse than writing, but nothing better than having written something funny, and the longer I typed the more I was falling in love with the words I'd put on the page.

My editor gave it a read, told me what to fix, then I officially submitted it to the publisher in early May.

Then I waited.

The existential dread living in the back of my mind throughout this whole process started to fester and grow. I waited and waited and waited and for the longest time I heard nothing from the publisher (they were working on Oliver Stone's book of Putin interviews, so obviously that was a priority).

Finally, in the middle of June, I got word from my publisher: they'd read it, and they loved it. One dude said laughed at least once a page.

...and that's when the whole thing finally became real. This book was real. It was getting made. It would be in bookstores. Holy shit: it's actually a fucking thing.

There will be a book launch show at The Magnet Theater on August 7th at 7:30pm (check the calendar for details and reservations). It's available for preorder now and will officially be available in bookstores and online on August 22nd.

Check it out on Amazon here.

I hope you read it and love it and think it's funny. It's one of my favorite things that I've ever done, and I couldn't be prouder to be offering it to you all (for $12.99).

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